Soilless Media

Modified Growing Medium
A modified growing medium is a “soilless” growing medium. The primary ingredients of these mediums are peat, perlite, coir fiber, etc. The mix needs to be heavy enough to support plants as well as maintain adequate moisture for plant growth. The medium must also have good drainage to allow for the leaching of soluble salts if necessary.

We recommend that the Complete Soil Package be requested for Modified Growing Mediums. This package includes our Standard Soil Test, a Saturated Paste Analysis, and Nitrate and Ammonium. This package will predict what nutrients are readily plant available and also what is being held in reserve for future availability. The Saturated Paste Analysis is designed specifically for Modified Growing Mediums. Modified Growing Mediums will also have a Media Weight performed to determine bulk density. This is helpful in making fertility amendment recommendations.

Modified Growing Medium/Soilless Media Guidelines